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Bengal doctors forgets “Oath of Hypocrisy”; Close down OPD


Bangla Hunt/ Pallab Ghosh

Bullet points at a glance:

No heath servises on Wednesday in Bengal
OPDs to remain closed
Doctors hold medical services hostage
Patients helpless
Serious patients at God’s mercy

Doctors in Kolkata, West Bengal, declares mass strike on Wednesday. They have decided to hold entire Out Patient Department (OPD) in the state hostage by announcing close down of services bringing a total collapse of the medical services on Wednesday. These doctors have forgotten the “Oath of Hypocrisy” that they take during passing out.

On Tuesday, a 86-year old patient admitted in that hospital died and the patient party had created ruckus in retaliation. During the scuffle the patient party had hit a intern with a slab on his head. The intern has been admitted in the hospital and a surgery has been conducted. Hospital officials informs that he is out of danger.

The entire incedent raises a big question mark on the poor health service in the state. A few years ago when similar thing happened at Apollo Hospital in Kolkata, Chief Minister also the Health Minister Mamata Banerjee had addressed a meeting of representative from all big and small hospitals at the Town Hall. Banerjee was admired for her intervention and making a few policies in this regard. Today, doctors on various television channels are pointing fingers at the administration for what they said “CM did nothing to formulate the suggested policies, if was all pep talks…”

Funny, Minister for Health (MoS) Chandrima Bhattacharjee tried to shrug off her responcibility by saying “the emergency is working, opd is closed. We are in talks with the doctors…” Earlier, we have seen the poor condition of SSKM where class D staff does the stitching etc. Also not to forget Mamata confidant and minister Dr. Nirmal Majhi got his pet treated at the hospital.

However, Trinamool representatives on TV shows rather than accepting the allegations raised at their party supremo shamelessly said Bengal much better by comparing the pathetic condition of hospitals in Uttar Pradesh that had hit the headlines few years back.

This is no allien incedent and indeed beyond any condemnation. At the sametime these doctors too should not forget that their patients regard them as God. The strike or holding patients hostage cannot be supported as helpless people admitted wuth various ailments look upto these doctors for help.

However, CM and Health Minister Mamata Banerjee is yet to react on the incedent. She on Tuesday found time to reinstate the bust of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar at Vidyasagar College but said bothing on this serious situation in the state.

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