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Bharati Ghosh for accusing rigging by TMC in Keshpur, EC silent

Bangla Hunt/Pallab Ghosh:

Keshpur remains the same…nothing changes…

“ei bhabe ki gonotontro chole…lojja korena Trinamool r? aami Commission e janabo, we don’t need a blind Commission…” (is this the way vote is conducted? the Trinamool should be ashamed. I shall move the Commission, we don’t need a blind Commission…) are the words of former Police Super of Jhargram. Once a close confidant of Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee now Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Ghatal.

In the morning polling booth in Do Gachia, Keshpur turned into a battle field with goons instigated by political parties began pelting stones and injures one the security guards of Ghosh by hitting him with a brick.

According to locals in the area the scuffle took place when Ghosh entered the booth and began videography. When asked to stop, the BJP candidate refused and accused the Trinamool of rigging. She said that her informers have told her Trinamool was resorting to various malpractices across various polling booths in the area. Altercation followed and within no time the goons instigated by opposition political parties as alleged by Ghosh began pelting stones and attacking her car. Tr
Well, nobody is supporting the videography inside the polling station but at the same time condemn the violence as such things can be resolved through talks.

The former top-cop had sparked controversy a few days back by saying “She would get 1,000 men from Uttar Pradesh, pull them out of their houses and “thrash them like dogs”.

However, one fails to understand why elections is in the state marks violence and loss of lives. Mamata Banerjee when came to power in 2011 the catchphrase “Bodla Noi Bodol Chai” (We want change not revange…). Made tall claims that was an end to violence and people in Bengal will live a peaceful life. The fact is not a single election from municipal to panchayat or even assembly has gone without violence and loss of lives…


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