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Cong may lose Sikh votes over Pitroda’s “riots” remark

Bangla Hunt,Pallab Ghosh:

At the outset Condemn the “jo hua so hua” what has happened has happened) remark by Sam Pitroda the man whom former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi had brought to India from America. Thecrest is history. The remarks were made during an interview by Sam over the 1984 Sikh Genocide in which over 3000 Sikhs were masacared across India.

However, this was not only an uncalled for remark but a ‘harakiri’ being an election time as the Sikh community which is already angry with the Congress party may not vote for the Congress.

The problem is eachtime questions are asked over the 1984 Sikh Riots, the party seems to take a defensive stance. Even today the leaders of Congress are heard shrugging off the allegations that it was some of the party bigwigs who are responcible behind the masacre. Pity! Can the party shrig off from the facts that three top party leaders were allegedly accused of masterminding 1984 Sikh Riots – Late HKLBhagat, Sajjan Kumar
and JD Tytler.

Over 3000 Sikhs were masacared in the 1984 Sikh Riots and worst thing is the genocide that sparked of on the fateful night of Oct 31, 1984 had continued till Nov 5, 1984 when finally troops were called in. Questions will be asked and Congress will have to reply…

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