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Doctor’s Strike: Patients lay helpless on footpath; hearse retuns thrice


Bangla Hunt/ Pallab Ghosh

Entire day on Wednesday in Kolkata, patients had a tough time coming to terms with the doctors who declared an absolute strike call and also closed down the OPDs. The day was nothing more than a nightmarish experience for patients and their relatives who had to see their beloved trying hard to find relief without much help. This was the scene at all the hospitals, nursing homes across the state.

At some places patient party was compelled to enter into verbal scuffle with the “saviours” as they had refused to issue death certificate for the deceased. In Canning Municipal Hospital, a woman had died at 8 PM on Tuesday and doctors promised to handover the deadbody to family members at 1 AM but did not turn up. The hearse decorated with flowers had come to take the deadbody thrice but had to return empty as family members did not receive the death certificate.

The situation outside various Government hospitals were pathetic. Inspite of having appointments since weeks, pateints were turned out by consulting doctors. Worst were those who had come for treatment from districts like Malda, Murshidabad, Burdwan, Asansol etc. Many had taken shelter under the tree in this scorching sun while rest had made accamodation on footpath.

The doctors undetered continued their strike with placards – “Save The Saviours”. They had no reply when asked what will happen to these patients who are critical and need immediate medical help.

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