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I&B Min bans vulgar songs, dance on children dance reality shows

Bangla Hunt,Pallab Ghosh

Children dancing to ‘vulgar’ adult pepy songs like “Shiela ki jawani” or “dhak dhak karne laga” and even “ek chumma tu mujhko udhar” have always been condemned by the like minded people who

asked why such ‘filthy’ numbers are included in children dance reality shows when there so many songs for children in Bollywood and other general songs that be worked upon. Everytime this issue has been raised, a section of pseudo-intelectuals tried to pacify by saying these are just creativity nothing filth attached.

Finally, the Information and Broadcadting Ministry has taken a call and has issued an advisory to all private channels asking them to desist showing kids in a ‘vulgar, indecent, suggestive and inappropriate manner on dance reality shows’. The ministry has made it’s stand clear that songs and dance which will have filthy lyrics and gestures inappropriate to their age group will nog be allowed..

However, this advisory has raised mixed reactions as many including choreographers associated with such shows have welcomed the stand while few have called it as intervention into creative independence. The common viewers have welcomed the advisory as at times it used to get emberassing watching these reality shows with children due to obsene gestures and lyrics of songs.

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