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Only ‘Bobbitt’s Law’ can infuse fear-factor among rapists


Bangla Hunt/ Pallab Ghosh

There seems to be a deep ‘conspicuous’ connent between ‘social crimes’ and the ‘psuedo social activists’ in India. This list is ofcourse endless – flim personalities, models, politicians, women activists and not to forget the ‘dumb socialites’ who only wake up when rapes, gangrapes or murders takes place. Sorry for opening with the sarcasm but can’t help when I look around and find these ‘dumb’ people suggest what should be done. I am not questioning the ‘initiative’ but funny part is why they wake up when any girl is molested, gangraped and killed? Why can’t take the plunge to keep administration, media and government on ‘alarm’ throughout the year?


I have seen the anger among people when Jyoti Singh Pandey was brutally gangraped, organs mutilated and was left to die on the chilling winter night. Where did the anger disappear or has everything changed for good overnight? The fact is things turned worst as almost daily rapes, gangrapes, molestations and stalkings were reported. As if entire country had gone on an over dosage of ‘Viagra’. “You see suddenly there has been a rise in such cases, I feel the rapists including the minor should be given death penalty”, said Rishma Sharma who took part in the dharna at India Gate. Nothing stopped excepting the TRP and sale of newspaper increased as media made a good business by calling her by varios names – ‘Nirbhaya’, ‘Amanat’, ‘Damini’, Delhi Brave Heart’.

Again past few days, the media has turned pro-active after rape of an infant has been reported. Also the barbaric killing of two and a half year old Twikle in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. I appreciate the initiative of media and social activists but why they go tk hibernation once things gets subdued.

Finally, things will not change overnight but the need of the hour is stringent punishment whish is missing. When the carnal desire is so strong that these people do not hesitate to destroy innocent lives, then they should and must face similar punishment that will infuse ‘fear factor’ among them, no less than ‘Bobbitt’s Law’. I shall end my write-up with a message that I received from a college girl on facebook (won’t name her but I salute her guts) during the protest over Delhi gangrape, “These rapists are sick, they need treatment but different nature. Give them high viagra, show porn films and then chop off the organ…Why should they stay alive, just to destroy another innocent life…”

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