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Poribortan! Mamata Banerjee threatens BJP with revenge

Bangla Hunt,Pallab Ghosh:

“Will take revenge inch by inch…”, says Mamata Banerjee

At last the true face of Trinamool is out of the closet. If you go down the memory lane, during 2011 Assembly elections in West Bengal, the Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee had fought the elections based on non-violence. Well, theoritically…She had coined the famous ‘catchphrase’, “Bodla Noi Bodol Chai” (We don’t want revenge but change…). People in the state who were scared and terrified due to the Left Front misrule that virtually transformed the state into a terror-pot were carried away by the new phillosophy and elected Banerjee defeating 34-years of CPI(M) regime in Bengal.

Gradually, people realised that it was their biggest mistake to bring Trinamool into power. Take any elections – municipal, panchayat or even assembly, Bengal saw same picture of violence. Not a single polls have gone without loss of lives.

On Sunday, it was clear that Trinamool supremo is no different from rival political parties. Mamata Banerjee while campaingning for party cadidate Pratima Mandal in Bashonti, Bengal after regular rhetoric of slamming prime minister Narendra Modi threatened the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) by saying, “inchite inchite bodla newa hobe…” (hereafter we shall take revenge inch by inch…).

The remarks exposes the double face of the party. Opposition parties without wasting any time slammed Banerjee and said finally, “Bodla Noi, Bodol Chai…” has proved to be mere a slogan to woo vote bank…

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