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Recipe of stuffed Mango Kulfi


Banglahunt desk :

Ingredients Milk – 4 cup Heavy cream- 1/2 cup Condensed Milk – 1 tin Saffron strands – Few Pistachios- 3-4 Nos ( chopped) Rose essence – Few drops Method In a sauce pan boil the milk, heavy cream and reduce them till the milk thickens. Keep stirring them Milk constantly as it might stick to the bottom. Add saffron, Rose essence and condensed milk to the reduced milk .

Mix them well and boil it till you see strands of malai in them. Once it thicken turn off the heat and let the milk cool down. For the mango cut off the crown , mark the seed with your knife. Place the mango on a glass or a bowl on which it can stand. Scoop of the seed from the mango( you can use a tongs to remove the seed) and fill the kulfi mixture into the mango.

Cover the mango with the crown ,freeze till 4-5 hours. on the glass go that the kulfi sets well in the mango. When the kulfi sets peel the mango skin and slice them circles. Enjoy the frozen mango filled with creamy kulfi.

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