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Who is “internet sensation in yellow”; went viral

Bangla Hunt/Pallab Ghosh

Social Media and elections have a deep connect for the past few years as political parties realising the power of digital media have turned to these platforms to reach out to a large section of voters. However, perhaps it’s for the first time in the history of elections that any presiding officer has become a ‘sensation’ over night. Getting more camera glare than the candidates. No prizes for guessing, we are talking of the beautiful lady in yellow saree who was posted as presiding officer during elections in Uttar Pradesh. Her photographs went viral with captions like “100% voting for sure” or “no wonder about the huge voter turn out”


She is Reena Dwiwedi, a resident of Lucknow. Originally hails from Deoria district of Uttar Predesh and has been working in PWD department as assistant officer since 2013. When asked her reaction over becoming famous over night and being called the ‘internet sensation in yellow’, Reena had a more interesting thing to share. Her son Aadit, a class 9 requested her to make a video call to his friends as he wanted to tell them that ‘the yellow saree lady’ is his mother.

This may be taken from both the angles – On a lighter note, though sould low and cheap still people are cracking joke by comparing this attractive young lady as poster girl for Election Commission. However, this has a more serious implication and it should not be done as a ‘filthy’ practice deliberately to woo voters.

Finally, the remarks and comments on social media shows the sad mentality of people who sense a soft-titelation when ever they find a beautiful woman in public life.

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