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Why create row over Exit Polls when they are fake!

Bangla Hunt/Pallab Ghosh

Exit polls has not only created an importance in this elections but also has raised storm over predicting easy win for Narendra Modi led NDA government. Well, perhaps this is for the first time in history opposition parties under the ‘grand alliances’, the so-called ‘Mahagathbandhan’ has moved Election Commission.


One fails to understand why this row over Exit Polls when even those companies engaged in conducting Exit Polls have always maintained that such polls are never 100 per cent authentic and totally depend on samples collected at polling booths. Hence, there can be minus plus when the final number come after counting of votes.

On Tuesday, the allies of ‘Mahagathbandhan’ gathered in Delhi and gave a memorandum to EC. They had gone to Nirvachan Sadan, Delhi to ensure that the counting of polls on May 23 is done without any manipulation. Earlier, Trinamool supremo and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee had threatened to sit on dharna along with allies outside Nirvachan Sadan in the capital.

The entire situation has left the common man in a fix as this attitude of the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ is an insult to the electorates all over India. “I reside in Delhi, have no connection with Mamata Banerjee or her becoming prime minister. I know I have voted for Modi, then why is she trying to prove all votes for BJP are bogus”, said Sandip, a businessman in Delhi. Rumana, a tech-savy working in Sector-v, Salt Lake said, ‘I really dont understand this confusion over exit polls, why not wait till May 23 when facts will come in front of everybody”.

The opposition may scream that exit polls are fake or purchased by Modi. The fact is voters are not taking this allegations and counter allegations in good spirit. Mamata Banerjee and her allies are having problem in eschewing the fact that people has refused to accept her as prime mi nister on India.

Finally, why these political parties are very happy when trends are in favour of them in these exit polls while those who lose call these exit polls fake…Pity!

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