FAD! Girls growing hairs out of nostrils

Bangla Hunt/Pallab Ghosh:

Fashion knows no restrictions! Whatever suits you or you are able to carry is the in-thing or the ‘trend’…Not my saying but a common saying for the fashion-freaks desire to be in-vogue…

Can you imagine in the wildest of your dreams that women growing nose hairs and allowing the hairs to come out of the nostrils. Well, I am not kidding, then have a look at the twitter and Instagram with hashtag #nosehairextensions that has gone viral on social media platforms.


It was initially posted by a young girl Chen on Instagram account with @gret_chen_chen. The had posted selfie by putting posted this ‘eyelash extensions’ inside her nostrils adding the look of extended hairs out of nostrils.

The sicial media is abuz with people calling it ‘disgusting’ Some have requested the girls not to post such photographs as they look dirty. Women in the past have been flaunting their extended eyelashes and growing their underarm hairs by not shaving them but ‘extended nostril hairs’ has put many Fashion-Hunks to say it’s not the in-thing. Women look beautiful and presentable with clean nose.

India has always been aping the west, so don’t be surprised if you come across a girl with extended hairs peeping out from her nostrils…Keep your fingers crossed…


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