Father-son sets dog on fire in Durgapur

Bangla Hunt,Pallab Ghosh:

Attrocities and cruelty to animal is not new, we have witnessed many instances in the past where people have lost the basic ‘instict’ required tk become a humanbeing. Yes, I am refering to the numerous cases where people take pride by torturing or posting photographs showing brutality to animals, pets. We have seen how ‘sadists’ tie crackers to the tail of the dogs on Diwali. In another incedent that took place in Delhi, a man had rotated his pet dog by holding the tail. The dog subsiquently fell and sucumbed the injuries. The recent incedent has surfaced in Durgapur, West Burdwan district of West Bengal.

The father-son duo poured kerosene oil over the dog before setting the helpless dog on fire.

The news has gone viral on social media platforms. Animal lovers have condemned the ghastly incedent and expressed their cooperation in this regard. The social media has gone abuzz with animal lovers demanding a stringent punishment for the duo serving as a precidense and sadists would think twice before attempting such an inhuman act in future.

The condition of thd dog is stated to serious and is undergoing treatment.

An NGO named Voice of The Voiceless has filed an FIR against the boy.


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