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Punjab’s IT Revolution Brought Closer To Reality By Global Entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal

Strap: Gurbaksh has been felicitated with a Leadership Award by US President Donald Trump for his entrepreneurial prowess

BanglaHunt –While handing over a Leadership Award to Punjab-born global entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal,little did US President Donald Trump know that his encouragement to Mr Chahal’s efforts towards Punjab emerging as a future Information Technology destination would be translated
into reality with such passion and enthusiasm. While this projection was made almost a decade
ago when President Trump was a premier business tycoon, he is certain to be pleasantly
surprised when he learns of the progress made so far.

Being an entrepreneur is almost in vogue these days, thanks to easy access to funding and the
pace at which data-driven technologies are generating revenues. But, let’s rewind a little to a
time when entrepreneurs still had to put up an enormous struggle to acquire funding or generate
revenue through traditional means, let alone fight social norms in their own households, since the
idea of becoming an entrepreneur (in other words – giving up on a secure job) was looked down
upon. In times such as those, Gurbaksh set out to achieve his dreams and kept fueling the passion
within through pathbreaking ideas. He met with opposition from even his own circle of trust but
he kept moving forward, even if it meant staying at home to crack a strategy while his friends
were holidaying – which is the mark of a true entrepreneur; one who takes part in the race to
finish it and not to simply gain accolades along the way.

Over the past decade, Gurbaksh has introduced businesses to the power of data,artificial intelligence and internet of things through his own ventures such as ClickAgents, BlueLithium, RadiumOne and RedLotus. Through regular reviews andenhancements, his solutions have managed to stay afloat and at times, ahead of the curve. Not one to be satisfied with a 10-figure revenue, he wants to help today’s youth realise the potential
of IT and how they can benefit from it. In light of the same, he has launched Taara Labs, an IT incubation centre that handholds the youth and guides them through their discovery of various technologies and the immense value they can add to businesses.

37-year old Gurbaksh swears by one major work ethic, that of “never looking back to rest in
one’s laurels and instead, always looking at how we can improve the future”. Over the years, he
has been invited to prominent gatherings across the US and India to share his two pence when it
comes to technology, along with, of course, narrating tales about the ‘beauty of Punjab’. It is only befitting that Gurbaksh was recently (in September this year), awarded and felicitated in the presence of former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other leading dignitaries for his invaluable contribution as a Punjabi, an Indian and a global entrepreneur on the auspicious occasion of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550 th birthday. Armed with huge aspirations for

Punjab and its youth, Gurbaksh declared that he would continue supporting the youth and ensure Punjab emerges as India’s new IT Capital.
Source : Digpu

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